Section 3.8: Connecting to a Novell NetWare Network

Windows XP Professional computers can use NWLink, Client Services for NetWare, and Gateway (and Client) services for NetWare to connect to a Novell NetWare-based server using IPX/SPX. These are provided on the Windows XP Professional Installation CD. An alternative is Novell Client for Windows NT/2000 which is distributed by Novell.

3.8.1: Configuring NWLink

The NWLink protocol allows Windows XP Professional computers to gain access to applications running on Novell NetWare-based servers. The configuration of NWLink involves three components: frame type, network number, and internal network number. When you install NWLink, Windows XP Professional automatically detects a frame type, which defines the way that the network adapter card formats data and should match the frame type on the NetWare server; and a network number, which must be unique for each network segment and all computers on a segment using the same frame type must use the same network number to communicate with one another. Windows XP Professional also provides a generic internal network number. However, you must manually specify an internal network number if you plan to run FPNW or IPX routing.