Section 3.5: Enabling Internet Connection Sharing

ICS allows you to connect multiple computers on your home or small business network to the Internet using one connection. One of the computers on your network connects to the Internet using a cable modem, DSL modem, or dial-up modem. You enable ICS on the computer that has the Internet connection and it becomes the ICS host. The other computers on the network then connect to the Internet through this connection.

Note: ICS is available in the Windows XP Professional 32-bit edition and the Windows XP Home Edition, but it is not available in the Windows XP Professional 64-bit edition.

To enable ICS:

  • On the Start menu, click MY computer
  • Then click view network connections. Windows XP Professional displays the Network Connections window.
  • Click the dial-up, LAN, PPPoE, or VPN Internet connection that you want to share.
  • Under Network Tasks, click change settings of this connection.
  • In the Advanced tab, select the allow other network users to connect THROUGH THIS COMPUTER'S INTERNET CONNECTION check box.
  • To configure ICS and select the services running on your network that Internet users can access, click settings.