Section 2.6: Configuring the Desktop Environment

In Windows XP Professional you can use the CONTROL PANEL to configure your computer for multiple languages and locations or locale. This can be configured through the REGIONAL OPTIONS program in the CONTROL PANEL. You can also set ACCESSIBILITY options that make Windows XP Professional easier to use for people with disabilities.

In the REGIONAL OPTIONS program of the Windows XP Professional Control Panel, you can configure your computer for multiple languages and locations. You can select multiple languages on the GENERAL tab of the REGIONAL OPTIONS dialog box by selecting the check box of each language that you want your computer to support. REGIONAL OPTIONS also allow you to configure your computer to use multiple locations or locales. The GENERAL tab indicates the current locale setting and the INPUT LOCALE tab allows you to add additional locales to your computer.

Note: If you select more than one input locale and select the enable INDICATOR ON taskbar checkbox on the INPUT LOCALE tab of the regional settings program, you can change the input locale by clicking on the input locale indicator on the taskbar.