Section 6.7: RRAS Tools

Windows Server 2003 includes tools that you can use to manage and troubleshoot RRAS. These include the Routing And Remote Access snap-in, the netsh command-line utility, authentication and accounting logging, event logging, and tracing.

• With the Routing And Remote Access console in Administrative Tools you can perform a number of management tasks, such as enabling RRAS, managing routing interfaces, configuring IPX routing, creating a static IP address pool, and configuring remote access policies.

• The Net Shell Command-Line Utility (Netsh.exe) can be used for local or remote computers. It is installed in %systemroot%system32 when Windows Server 2003 is installed and also allows you to save a configuration script in a text file for archival purposes or for configuring other servers.

Table 6.3: Netsh Command-line Options

Option Explanation
-a <AliasFile> Specifies that an alias file can be used. An alias file contains a list of netsh commands and an aliased version so that the aliased command line can be used in place of the netsh command. Alias files can be used to map commands to the appropriate netsh command that might be more familiar in other platforms.
-c <Context> Specifies the context of the command corresponding to an installed helper DLL.
Command Specifies which Netsh command to carry out. Commands can be run both inside and outside of Shell mode.
-f <ScriptFile> Specifies that all of the netsh commands in the script file be run.
-r <ComputerName | IP_address> Specifies that netsh commands are run on the remote computer specified by its name or IP address.

The Netsh commands can be either global commands, which can be issued in any context and are used for general netsh functions; or context-specific commands, which vary according to context.

Table 6.4: Netsh global Commands

Command Description
.. Moves up one context level.
? | help Displays command-line Help.
add helper Adds a netsh helper DLL.
delete helper Removes a netsh helper DLL.
show helper Displays the installed netsh helper DLLs.
online Sets the current mode to online.
offline Sets the current mode to offline.
set mode Sets the current mode to online or offline.
show mode Displays the current mode.
flush Discards any changes in Offline mode.
commit Commits changes made in Offline mode.
set machine Configures the computer on which the netsh commands are carried out.
show machine Displays the computer on which the netsh commands are carried out.
Exec Executes a script file containing netsh commands.
quit | bye | exit Exits netsh.
add alias Adds an alias to an existing command.
delete alias Deletes an alias from an existing command.
show alias Displays all defined aliases.
dump Dumps or appends configuration to a text file.
popd A scripting command that pops a context from the stack.
pushd A scripting command that pushes the current context on the stack.