26 Troubleshooting Wireless Signals

Wireless signals travel through the atmosphere and are hence susceptible to different kinds of disturbances or interference. Interference cannot be ruled out completely, but can definitely be minimized. The different kinds of interferences to which wireless networks are susceptible are:

- Physical Obstructions: A common source of interference is trees, buildings, and other physical structures. Concrete and steel are easy for wireless signals to pass through. The density of the material used for construction further influences the efficacy of the RF signal.

- Interference due to Radio Frequency: Most of the wireless technologies use an RF range of 2.4GHz. This particular range is used by many devices like cordless phones and microwaves also. These cause noise and weaken the signals.

- Interference cause by Electricity: Wireless signals are also disturbed by Electrical interferences. The quantum of effect of an electrical signal is directly proportional to the proximity of the electrical device to the access point.

- Environmental Factors: Weather conditions like lightning, fog can also weaken the strength of wireless signals.