51 Explain issues that affect device security

Physical Security

This is the most important parameter to be looked into while implementing network security. Suppose we have implemented IPS/IDS and various firewall into our network but anyone can access into the network room from our organization. He/she can come and plug device into the network or even break some cable connectivity. Then there comes a very important question. What is the use of high internal security without having physical security? Network devices must be physically secured from the unauthorized users. This helps not only in secure access but also stop any chances of theft. If we do not provide physical security to our network anyone can access network devices and with the help of password recovery techniques they can enter into the device. In case of Cisco routers we can manually recover the passwords of routers and switches if we have physical access to them.

Restricting local and remote access

We can restrict unauthorized users from entering into the network with the help of various policies and devices. To restrict local and remote users we need to configure the policy. Remote users should be verified and then only granted access to the network. We can use several encryption methods or secure login techniques in order to make our network secure from the outsiders.