42 Given a scenario, utilize the appropriate hardware tools

There are various tools available in for troubleshooting the hardware problems in the network. The various hardware tools used are:

1) Cable Testers

2) TDRs

3) OTDRs

4) Certifiers

5) Voltage event recorders

6) Protocol analyzers

7) Cable strippers

8) Multimeter

9) Tone probe/generators

10) Butt sets

11) Punchdown tools

Cable Testers: Cabling problem often occur while the network installation and shifting. In case the cable is broken it would disconnect the two devices connected by it. Various types of cable broken problems are:

Figure 70: Cable Tester

2) TDRs and OTDRs: These are the devices that locate the area where the cable is broken. TDRs work with the copper cables and OTDRs work with the fibre cable. The only difference between the TDRs and OTDRs is the media rest the working of both is same.

Figure 71: TDR

3) Certifiers: They are used to test the cable for the amount of data that it can send. Certifiers ensure that the cable is handling the amount of data that is given on the cable. In case there in no break in the cable check with the certifiers. Certifiers should be used if there is a slowdown in the network.

4) Voltage Event Recorder: Proper temperature and power needs to be maintained for the devices to work properly. If there is too much heat it might result in network devices failing. We should check devices with voltage event recorder and a temperature monitor.

5) Protocol Analyzers: It monitors various protocols working at different layers of the network. They help in network troubleshooting as they provide the complete information on various layers. For example if we monitor the network and see that there is problem at application layer or network layer we can rectify the problem.

6) Cable Strippers: This is a device used to make cables. Now days cable strippers and punch down come as one device.

Figure 72: Cable Stripping and Crimping Tool

7) Multimeters: They are used to test voltage, resistance and continuity. This is very important tool to test cable infrastructure. Multimeters are very helpful in checking WAN connections such as ISDN, Lease line etc.

8) Tone Probe and Tone Generators: Tone probes and tone generators collectively help us to locate cables.

9) Butt Sets: They are used to tap into 66 or 110-block to check that if a particular line is working or not.

10) Punchdown Tools: They are used to put wires into 66 or 110-block. Use punchdown tools in case we see that the wires are loosely punched. They are used in case of new installation and for repunching in case of loose wires.

Figure 73: Punch Down Tool