8 Verify Wiring Installation and Termination

After having placed the cables as they are required to be done, termination is the last task that needs to be done. Termination requires that network cables be connected to the wall jack, plug or patch panel. It is a simple process not requiring much. Once the LED lights up, it is clear that the wire has been terminated effectively. Having terminated the wires correctly, it would also be possible to ping other devices on the network.

There could be two instances requiring you to troubleshoot:

- The link light is not lit:

- If a patch cable was being connected to a PC or Switch, interchange the patch cable with a cable which is known to be working correctly;

- Incase of a self constructed patch cable, ensure that the connector is properly attached;

- Check whether the RJ-45 connector is properly seated in the wall jack and NIC;

- In case a Switch is being connected to, change to another port; a single port could be faulty.

- Check if the correct patch cable is being used;

- Ensure that the cables meet the prescribed standards (568A or 568BB)

- The link light is lit but intermittent problems occur:

- Replace the cable with a known working cable;

- Check if the correct wire is being used at the correct place, for example a plenum-rated cable should be used for running through ceilings;

- Straighten bends, mend breaks;

- Check if wires with adequate shielding have been used in areas of potential high interference;

- Check the length of the wire; it should not be more than 100 meters.